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im 27 and my mom bought me a puppet making kit! LMAO!
im 27 and my mom bought me a puppet making kit! LMAO!

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i think drive thrus should NOTbe closed in and have escape routes. i regret jumping in this line

8:47 AM
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still reek of beer and cigarettes even after shower...joy

8:53 AM
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as i hear the lyrics 'i want to f*ck you like an animal' i see this :-)
as i hear the lyrics 'i want to f*ck you like an animal' i see this :-)

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This is the scene from "Angel-A" that truly pulls at my heart strings. Check it out if you can, it can even be viewed on Netflix instantly.

via videosift.com

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3 weeks in....

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It's been a while since I have posted something and since I haven't much to do today, thought it would the perfect time.

So its been 3 weeks since moving to NY. Not many things have changed on the job front. I am applying like a bandit to countless positions that are local to Huntington. So many thoughts are going through my head. I am toying with quite a few things right now. I am still trying to decide if I want to get my insurance license, but the main thing holding me back is the cost of the class. :/ Then today as I was jobhunting via the 'internetz' I came across an ad for teachers. I never saw myself becoming a teacher, but on more than one occasion I have been told I would make a great one. I am still child-like enough that I can still be silly but know my limits. It would be a dream to be able to teach art, as that is my 'forte', but in order to do so I have to take art education courses. BLEH!

I took a walk on the beach earlier to clear my head and it was nice, a bit chilly, but nice. It has been a while since I was able to go venture out on my own and for that hour or so it was good. It seemed to have alleviated my marathon of a migraine which was an added bonus.

To keep me entertained I have been taking countless typing tests. I don't know what possessed me to do so, but figured WHY NOT!? All I can say is that I am NOT consistant. I am all over the place from 40-70+ wpm oh well. It was fun while it lasted. I'm off to NetFlix to check out some flicks. Here are a few that I have watched and re-watched recently:

Life Before Her Eyes
(quite enjoyable, great ending)
Teeth (laughed the entire time even though its supposed to be a 'horror' film)
Enchanted (I have watched it 3 times already)
(there is a scene in front of a mirror that makes me cry without fail)
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (another Apatow masterpiece)

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It's Been One Week

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Sure enough, I'm one week into NY life. It doesn't even feel its been that long. Not much has changed on the job front. I have been applying to quite a few, but haven't had any responses.

Today is a super gloomy day, but hey I am used to it from the not-so sunshine state. I'll be staying in, maybe tomorrow will be an adventure day.

2:47 AM
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experiencing a very weird sensation with my vision and me no likey. perhaps it is time for bed,but first i will check what i will miss on tv

12:11 PM

In one piece......

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....maybe not one peace.

Let's see where did I leave off.....ah yes "ill-mannered children".

After I wrote that the ticket board said 'boarding NOW'....lies. It took another 30+ min to get onto the plane. I was worried that someone would be sitting the middle seat or worse that I would be stuck near those awful children. Then I remembered Ryan Stout and I had a laugh. Luckily my wish came true and no one sat in the center seat

OH OH OH I almost forgot! So when it came time to pack, I really had too much that I wanted and felt I needed to bring. Turns out its just $20 for an extra checked back which is way cheaper than what my parents would have had to spend on shipping stuff. So we went out and bought a set of luggage for me. After about 20 packs and repacks all the bags were packed to the 50lb weight limit and I was ready. Fast forward to me boarding the plane, I get stopped by the flight attendant and was informed that my carry on was too big (I obsessively measured and researched dimensions to make sure it would be allowed or else I would have gone with the smaller one). I lost it. I was just so frustrated with everything else that was happening I started to cry like a big fat baby!! WTF. Oh well.

I get to my seat and as I said before I had the window seat and no one next to me. YAY! I was able to take pictures and even a video of the take off:

Cruddy luck ensues. I take my seat and since it was JetBlue I was looking forward to the t.v. Well.....t.v. was broken. It was stuck on a loop with an interview with Tom Cruise, everyone's favorite insane actor. If that wasn't bad enough, you couldn't turn the t.v. off. I wrote a few letters, listened to music and took pictures instead. I did get scared though because at one point, 2 men were causing a stir. 1 was complaining about cabin pressure and he was near the front of the plane and the 2nd man, an older foreign guy kept trying to use his phone! (I knew nothing bad would happen with the 2nd because I saw them test the phone in a plane theory on MythBusters and it has no effect).

So I land in New York and all is fine. Paul and his friend Gary picked me up and like most guys....they were hungry. We went to the friendly neighborhood Chilis. I needed a drink after my long day and thought "mmmm Mojitos!" since I had them at my goodbye dinner with friends and enjoyed them so. Well, they don't sell/make mojitos at that Chilis. BAH!!

Dinner was fun, hopefully more of those to come. I have some pretty sweet digs right now. A massive t.v., king size bed and wireless internet.....what more could a girl ask for? Well, cell service would be nice, but I already knew T-Mobile wasn't that great out in Long Island.

I decided to take it easy today but Candice and her roomie Dex are in town for Spring Break, so I will try to be meeting up with them before they head back to the sunshine state.

I had joked that maybe all this bad stuff happens to me when I come to NY is because NY doesn't want me. The last 2 times, nearly the same things happened. Delays, crazy passengers, t.v. you name it.

Rough start but here's hoping it's for the best.

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Higher Spirits

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Yea yea, I should be excited about moving to New York, but let me just give you a little update on whats going on.

It is currently 3:40 and my flight was supposed to leave at 2:00. Had things gone as scheduled, I should have been over D.C. by my guesstimation. Instead I am sitting at the gate waiting until 4:40 (or later) for the plane to actually arrive so I can then board.

Every single time I have flown to NY, my flight has been extremely delayed. Not a fan of flying to begin with, this just adds to my stress and feeds my anxiety.

To add fuel to the fire, I also have guilt because I am always having to depend on Paul to pick me up and I am constantly apologizing.

I am just frustrated because I am surrounded by very strange people and ill-mannered children.

Well before I drive myself insane I will leave you with a video of my current state. I am hoping things will get better soon. Enjoy the following video:

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I'm a-leavin'....

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...on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again....

That's right folks, I finally booked a flight to New York to start my new life in the big city.

For years, being an 'artist', my family would tell me that I should move to New York. I never thought I could be a big city girl and frankly as amazing and exciting as the city is, it scared the crap out of me. All of this changed.

My "moving to New York" idea started almost exactly a year ago on March 8, 2008. My sister and I returned to the Empire State after a 17 year absence. We stayed with distant family that we hadn't seen in over 20 years, but it never felt that way. I instantly clicked with Paul, whom I felt quite the connection with. He quickly became one of my greatest friends.

We were there for a week, returned to Florida and I felt so rejuvenated, invigorated and inspired. I came back and threw myself back into my art. I did a little painting, some crocheting and even sold a few of my pieces (even though they were to Paul, but hey a sales a sale). It wasn't even a week being home that I conjured up a plan to move to New York. I figured, "I'm 26. Graduated. Need/Want to live on my own. Need to fulfill my dream of becoming an artist". I spoke to Paul about being a roomie and things started rolling from there.

As with everything in life, there were ups and downs and holes in my plan. I had quit my job in April thinking I would be in NY by summer. WRONG. From there I started applying to jobs both here in FL and in NY. I got more responses from NY, but many would ask when I would be there and I could never give an exact date. I even took a week trip up there hoping to set up some interviews but nothing panned out. Strike 2. Summer turned to fall and fall to winter. I knew moving in winter would be CRAZY, but I still tried.

After a year of unemployment and constant application filling in FL, I needed a change of scenery. I sucked it up and called family and asked if their offer to live with them was still open. Lucky for me it was. That was about 3 weeks ago. I finally decided if I want to change my life I need to take a stand and it was now or never.

So here I am, taking a chance on life and moving to the big city of New York, by way of Huntington, Long Island. Bought my ticket, got some stylish luggage and I'm doing it.

After what turned into a goodbye dinner with Janelle, I check my horoscope and this is what i found. Gave me that final push to make and change and I did. Here's to life in the Big Apple.

June 22 - July 22
This is a good day to add spark to your life, dear Cancer. If things seem to be on the boring side and stagnating lately, you may need to infuse a bit of excitement into the situation. Add flair and pizzazz into the mix. Take matters into your own hands and actively pursue your goals. You have a strong inner sense of where you need to go. Trust your instincts and move in that direction. There is no need to hesitate.

travel inspiring videos
I'm leaving....

Start spreadin' the news...

Gotta make a move to a town that's right for me....

And we're living in Brooklyn (where I want to end up)

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Yay! I finished him. I think he is too cute and this is only the beginning. I feel an addiction brewing and soon will have a forest-full of crochet creatures in my room :)

3:20 PM

Amigurumi Bunny

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my first amigurumi doll. still needs 2nd ear and legs. too cute!

9:55 PM
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http://ping.fm/p/aSzh3 - he's asking when I'll throw his toy with his puss n boots eyes. he's not even at his googliest! ha ha

8:57 PM

I met a charming prince today....

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I met a charming prince, but not Prince Charming today. I met Candice and her roommate Dex for lunch today. I was dressed like the love child of Mr Rogers and a Catholic nun, but might I say feeling cute nonetheless. Twas a gorgeous day in Orlando so we got a table outside. As we were starting our meal, this dapper gentleman came up to the table and said to Dex, "You have 2 ladies and I have none. Can I have one?" Dex said, "Sure." Well the man looked at me and I said, "You might want to talk to Candice, because I don't plan on being here for much longer" and we bantered about how I want to move to New York.

Well, he excused himself and went on his merry way. The 3 of us continued our lunch and our conversation on comic books and the latest book I read "Art of Loving". Lo and behold the man was back, he had found a pencil on the ground and gave it to me. With his gift he said, "This is so you can write to us when you move to New York." We all laughed as he left for real this time.

Candice then said something along the lines of "....and you say you never get hit on", oh did I forget to mention this man was pushing 90?! Still it was a funny lunch and wish I took his picture.

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- dad put note on bed so i wouldn't squash oli who was hiding under covers b4

8:42 PM

Jack Frost - Bringing Chilly Weather to Florida

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http://ping.fm/p/OJgOI - i think this guy looks like jack frost from the rudolph cartoons

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Silly Kitty

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

10:54 AM

Nice Hooter....

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http://ping.fm/p/Xv2WV - nice hooter you have there, scary santa

11:19 PM

Crochet Project

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This one of my many crocheted creations. I call this a "Harf" hat/scarf.

8:22 PM

What I took from Erich Fromm about love....

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I recently finished reading "The Art of Loving" by Erich Fromm. I figured the methods and ideas I was living by weren't working, so I wanted to learn some new ones. Upon reading, I did take away a few good principles and thoughts:

  • Love is an activity, not a passive affect; it is a 'standing in' not a 'falling for."

  • Infantile love follows the principle 'I love because I am loved'

    Mature love follows the principle 'I am loved because I love'

    Immature love says 'I love you because I need you'

    Mature love says 'I need you because I love you'

  • While one is consciously afraid of not being loved, the real, though usually unconscious fear is that of loving.

12:46 PM

Silly Kitties, I can has cheezburger???

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Zombie Kitttehs

Just have to giggle because these kitties look like 2 of my favorites: my cat Oliver (the tuxedo) and Hercules (the tabby)

4:13 AM

Funny Explanations to Confusing Signage

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1:10 AM

Girls are like...

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Girls are like...

Too bad I'd be allergic to myself :/. Cute notion though

5:08 PM

Wishin' and Hopin'

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Instead of making resolutions, I'd rather put out some wishes and hopes so here they are:

  • I hope to read more. Not just graphic novels, as entertaining as they are, I need to read literature that is substantial. I will first finish reading "Art of Loving" then move onto "The Artist's Way"
  • I hope I can allow myself and find the strength to do things that, though may be scary at first, but are stepping stones for an improved life.
  • I hope I can create more and finish my unfinished works.
  • I wish I can find a job that not only allows growth within its company, but allows growth within myself i.e. allows me to go back to school
  • I wish to go back to school. I would like to do more extensive research on art schools but I still haven't decided to stick with the fine arts because that's where my passion lies, or to have a go at digital because I know that's where the money lies.
  • I wish I can see my distant friends more.
  • I wish to travel more.
  • I hope to go on a date.
  • I hope I can continue with my weight loss
  • I wish I could appear on a game show, preferably trivia related :D
I know a couple of these are silly, but why come up with ideas that are highly unlikely. Might as well have some fun trying to fulfill them right?