11:58 AM

It's Been One Week

Posted by ArtistaScar

Sure enough, I'm one week into NY life. It doesn't even feel its been that long. Not much has changed on the job front. I have been applying to quite a few, but haven't had any responses.

Today is a super gloomy day, but hey I am used to it from the not-so sunshine state. I'll be staying in, maybe tomorrow will be an adventure day.

2:47 AM
Posted by ArtistaScar

experiencing a very weird sensation with my vision and me no likey. perhaps it is time for bed,but first i will check what i will miss on tv

12:11 PM

In one piece......

Posted by ArtistaScar

....maybe not one peace.

Let's see where did I leave off.....ah yes "ill-mannered children".

After I wrote that the ticket board said 'boarding NOW'....lies. It took another 30+ min to get onto the plane. I was worried that someone would be sitting the middle seat or worse that I would be stuck near those awful children. Then I remembered Ryan Stout and I had a laugh. Luckily my wish came true and no one sat in the center seat

OH OH OH I almost forgot! So when it came time to pack, I really had too much that I wanted and felt I needed to bring. Turns out its just $20 for an extra checked back which is way cheaper than what my parents would have had to spend on shipping stuff. So we went out and bought a set of luggage for me. After about 20 packs and repacks all the bags were packed to the 50lb weight limit and I was ready. Fast forward to me boarding the plane, I get stopped by the flight attendant and was informed that my carry on was too big (I obsessively measured and researched dimensions to make sure it would be allowed or else I would have gone with the smaller one). I lost it. I was just so frustrated with everything else that was happening I started to cry like a big fat baby!! WTF. Oh well.

I get to my seat and as I said before I had the window seat and no one next to me. YAY! I was able to take pictures and even a video of the take off:

Cruddy luck ensues. I take my seat and since it was JetBlue I was looking forward to the t.v. Well.....t.v. was broken. It was stuck on a loop with an interview with Tom Cruise, everyone's favorite insane actor. If that wasn't bad enough, you couldn't turn the t.v. off. I wrote a few letters, listened to music and took pictures instead. I did get scared though because at one point, 2 men were causing a stir. 1 was complaining about cabin pressure and he was near the front of the plane and the 2nd man, an older foreign guy kept trying to use his phone! (I knew nothing bad would happen with the 2nd because I saw them test the phone in a plane theory on MythBusters and it has no effect).

So I land in New York and all is fine. Paul and his friend Gary picked me up and like most guys....they were hungry. We went to the friendly neighborhood Chilis. I needed a drink after my long day and thought "mmmm Mojitos!" since I had them at my goodbye dinner with friends and enjoyed them so. Well, they don't sell/make mojitos at that Chilis. BAH!!

Dinner was fun, hopefully more of those to come. I have some pretty sweet digs right now. A massive t.v., king size bed and wireless internet.....what more could a girl ask for? Well, cell service would be nice, but I already knew T-Mobile wasn't that great out in Long Island.

I decided to take it easy today but Candice and her roomie Dex are in town for Spring Break, so I will try to be meeting up with them before they head back to the sunshine state.

I had joked that maybe all this bad stuff happens to me when I come to NY is because NY doesn't want me. The last 2 times, nearly the same things happened. Delays, crazy passengers, t.v. you name it.

Rough start but here's hoping it's for the best.

3:37 PM

Higher Spirits

Posted by ArtistaScar

Yea yea, I should be excited about moving to New York, but let me just give you a little update on whats going on.

It is currently 3:40 and my flight was supposed to leave at 2:00. Had things gone as scheduled, I should have been over D.C. by my guesstimation. Instead I am sitting at the gate waiting until 4:40 (or later) for the plane to actually arrive so I can then board.

Every single time I have flown to NY, my flight has been extremely delayed. Not a fan of flying to begin with, this just adds to my stress and feeds my anxiety.

To add fuel to the fire, I also have guilt because I am always having to depend on Paul to pick me up and I am constantly apologizing.

I am just frustrated because I am surrounded by very strange people and ill-mannered children.

Well before I drive myself insane I will leave you with a video of my current state. I am hoping things will get better soon. Enjoy the following video: