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http://ping.fm/p/aSzh3 - he's asking when I'll throw his toy with his puss n boots eyes. he's not even at his googliest! ha ha

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I met a charming prince today....

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I met a charming prince, but not Prince Charming today. I met Candice and her roommate Dex for lunch today. I was dressed like the love child of Mr Rogers and a Catholic nun, but might I say feeling cute nonetheless. Twas a gorgeous day in Orlando so we got a table outside. As we were starting our meal, this dapper gentleman came up to the table and said to Dex, "You have 2 ladies and I have none. Can I have one?" Dex said, "Sure." Well the man looked at me and I said, "You might want to talk to Candice, because I don't plan on being here for much longer" and we bantered about how I want to move to New York.

Well, he excused himself and went on his merry way. The 3 of us continued our lunch and our conversation on comic books and the latest book I read "Art of Loving". Lo and behold the man was back, he had found a pencil on the ground and gave it to me. With his gift he said, "This is so you can write to us when you move to New York." We all laughed as he left for real this time.

Candice then said something along the lines of "....and you say you never get hit on", oh did I forget to mention this man was pushing 90?! Still it was a funny lunch and wish I took his picture.

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- dad put note on bed so i wouldn't squash oli who was hiding under covers b4

8:42 PM

Jack Frost - Bringing Chilly Weather to Florida

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http://ping.fm/p/OJgOI - i think this guy looks like jack frost from the rudolph cartoons

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Silly Kitty

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

10:54 AM

Nice Hooter....

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http://ping.fm/p/Xv2WV - nice hooter you have there, scary santa

11:19 PM

Crochet Project

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This one of my many crocheted creations. I call this a "Harf" hat/scarf.

8:22 PM

What I took from Erich Fromm about love....

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I recently finished reading "The Art of Loving" by Erich Fromm. I figured the methods and ideas I was living by weren't working, so I wanted to learn some new ones. Upon reading, I did take away a few good principles and thoughts:

  • Love is an activity, not a passive affect; it is a 'standing in' not a 'falling for."

  • Infantile love follows the principle 'I love because I am loved'

    Mature love follows the principle 'I am loved because I love'

    Immature love says 'I love you because I need you'

    Mature love says 'I need you because I love you'

  • While one is consciously afraid of not being loved, the real, though usually unconscious fear is that of loving.

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Silly Kitties, I can has cheezburger???

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Zombie Kitttehs

Just have to giggle because these kitties look like 2 of my favorites: my cat Oliver (the tuxedo) and Hercules (the tabby)

4:13 AM

Funny Explanations to Confusing Signage

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Girls are like...

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Girls are like...

Too bad I'd be allergic to myself :/. Cute notion though

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Wishin' and Hopin'

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Instead of making resolutions, I'd rather put out some wishes and hopes so here they are:

  • I hope to read more. Not just graphic novels, as entertaining as they are, I need to read literature that is substantial. I will first finish reading "Art of Loving" then move onto "The Artist's Way"
  • I hope I can allow myself and find the strength to do things that, though may be scary at first, but are stepping stones for an improved life.
  • I hope I can create more and finish my unfinished works.
  • I wish I can find a job that not only allows growth within its company, but allows growth within myself i.e. allows me to go back to school
  • I wish to go back to school. I would like to do more extensive research on art schools but I still haven't decided to stick with the fine arts because that's where my passion lies, or to have a go at digital because I know that's where the money lies.
  • I wish I can see my distant friends more.
  • I wish to travel more.
  • I hope to go on a date.
  • I hope I can continue with my weight loss
  • I wish I could appear on a game show, preferably trivia related :D
I know a couple of these are silly, but why come up with ideas that are highly unlikely. Might as well have some fun trying to fulfill them right?